The new story

While the building is undergoing a spectacular renovation, the museum team is busy plotting a brand new course. The aim of the new museum will be to amaze and enrich its visitors, and to connect them with everything it does.


With our collection of artworks, we show in an up-to-date way how the age-old tradition of visual culture remains contemporary and relevant. Our aim is to amaze you, our visitor, and challenge you to engage in self-reflection and renewal. We want to equip you with the necessary tools to understand our culture and to put it into perspective. In so doing, we will strengthen our culture with a view to the future.


By collecting, managing, studying and exhibiting artistic and cultural heritage, we are creating a fertile breeding ground for a thriving society. We are convinced that an encounter with the arts and the artistic tradition is an enriching experience, with the museum providing a foundation for both individual and social growth.


As a museum, we preserve the art collections of the Flemish Community, both for and in partnership with the community. The museum lies at the heart of our society and is a place for encounters and dialogue, where the arts and science reinforce each other. We are an open house that connects people – young and old, with or without prior knowledge, across cultures and generations – in a shared admiration for world-class art.


The team

The museum team, from the researchers to the communication and education staff, and from the restorers to the people who run the museum library, is hard at work on the concrete development of the new museum experience. Discover how each of them is working on the new museum in his or her own way.

“I am very much looking forward to the moment when we hang the first painting back on the wall. Only then will both we and the artworks finally be back home.”

— Veerle De Meester, exhibition coordinator