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The new museum is being created for you.
Find out how you too can get involved with its construction.

Become a friend

Our friends bring art to life. This is how you stop merely looking and start to see. Friends of the museum can visit the relocated museum collection for the whole year free of charge. In addition, you will receive invitations to enlightening guided tours, interesting day trips, convivial museum breakfasts, cultural trips abroad and surprising events.

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Make a donation

Since its foundation, the museum has been able to count on the support of both large and smaller donors. It is thanks to them that, today, the quality and significance of the collection is recognised worldwide. You too could make your mark on the museum of the future.

Contact Frédéric Jonckheere if you want to make a donation

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The new museum & my company

The new museum will be vigorously pursuing contemporary forms of collaboration, ranging from fundraising, sponsorship, gifts, legacies and crowdfunding to patronage. We offer a wide range of reciprocity options and are convinced that the new museum can be a valuable investment for entrepreneurs and businesses. Why? Because the new museum is set to become a beacon of high-voltage culture not just in Antwerp city centre, but also in Flanders, Belgium and throughout the world.

Contact Tim Beernaert if you want to invest in the new museum

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